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I highly recommend GTFO! Put down the video games and phones and go check this place out; it is more than worth the time and money! All custom unique rooms, a fantastic atmosphere, and so much to do in a single room!

-Christie C., – Magician’s Apparition

“This was an unexpected room for my boyfriend and I. We love doing escape rooms and we love to find them wherever we travel. It’s all in the name! I wasn’t expected the fudge at the end but honestly, that was a good touch!! “

-Meghan C, – Magician’s Apparition

“First escape room. Picked this location due to great reviews and low success rate, wanted a challenge. Staff were super friendly and accomodating. Miner room was very challenging and a ton of fun. 90 minutes passed in no time.”

-Artie D, – Miner Problems

“Had a great time, working out the mental acrobatics needed to complete the GTFO Escape room. We did not complete it but it was a mind bender good time. Lots of ah ha moments and laughter.”

-David F., – Magician’s Apparition

“It’s reasonably priced, friendly, and it will get your adrenaline flowing. I whole hardly recommend a visit.”

-Curran L, – Trapped and Detective

“Our brains were picked and our ties were strong. There are plenty of puzzles and plenty of things to do while locked up in the rooms. “

-Alex P, – Trapped and Detective

“This was so much fun. I brought my 17 year old and his best friend and my 13 year old sons to do trapped”

-Francesca M, – Trapped

“GTFO was such a different but EXTREMELY fun thing to do. It’s perfect for people who like a challenge! I went for a bachelorette party and we had a blast! We will definitely be going back.”

-Arielle D – Trapped

“The GTFO escape room was challenging but doable. What a fun way for our family to spend an hour working together as a team.”

-Sarah L, – Detective

“This is such a fun and interesting experience. If you are looking to set up some team-building for teams and co-workers go no further.”

-Alexander P- Detective

“Fun experience! Be prepared to use all of your brain power, it’s a lot tougher than I expected!”

-JoAnne Wood, – Detective

“This was so much fun! The puzzles to get out of the room were very well put together and creative, and the fudge was delicious :)”

-Jenny M. – Trapped and Detective

“Definitely one of the best group activities I’ve ever done. Puzzles were extremely well thought out and engaging to the very end :)”

-Michael T. – Detective and Trapped

“What a fun way for our family to spend an hour working together as a team. We’re looking forward to trying a new room next time.”

gingrpchy – Trapped