Trapped is not for the faint of heart. Dazed and confused, you awake inside a mysterious room where you find yourselves at a disadvantage. 60 minutes is all you have to find your way out and escape from whomever put you in there.

Hopefully you can Get The Fudge OUT!


I have been so excited to try this since it moved into my neighborhood. I went last night with some friends and it completely exceeded my expectations! We tried the “Trapped” room and it was a BLAST! It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time and I will definitely be going back to try the other room! Thanks so much to GTFO, and I would highly recommend this to anyone!


I went here with my boyfriend and his family today and it was great! We all had an amazing time, and the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming. The room itself was certainly challenging but they were willing to give hints when necessary so it made it fun but doable. The price was very reasonable, not to mention if you get out you get fudge! Highly recommend for anyone looking to spend a fun hour with friends or family!!!


I took my middle school Girl Scout troop and they had a blast. We did the room called trapped. The guys who run this are very friendly and kept the experience upbeat and not frustrating. It really is great value and makes a unique day/night out.


Need a good team building exercise? Want a fresh idea for double date? Get the Fudge out escape room should not be over looked. My friends and I got an obnoxious amount of laughs and gasps while solving this real life (interactive) mystery thriller. It’s reasonably priced, friendly, and it will get your adrenaline flowing. I whole hardly recommend a visit.

Time allotted: 60 minutes
Recommended for 4-10 players
Minimum to play: 2
Maximum available slots: 10
Success rate: 20%
Hints allotted: unlimited