Trying to figure out the code to having a great weekend?

Hint, it’s at GTFO Escape Room

Maine LOVES Escape Rooms! At GTFO Escape Room we can host groups as large as 24 people at time that will be solving puzzles, finding hidden objects and working together with teammates to escape fun themed rooms!

Every room offers a new, fully interactive adventure for you, your family, friends, and co-workers. Make a reservation today for any date including today and put your skills to the test to see if you can Get The Fudge Out!

Trying to figure out the code to having a great weekend?

Hint: it’s at GTFO Escape Room

Team Building

Welcome to the modern world of team building. We provide the most immersive interactive way to get your team to work together. Team must work together to creatively find the solution to their common problem, beating the time and solving the problem.

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Special Events

Planning a bachelor/bachelorette or birthday party? Make it a memorable, unique and exciting experience that will be something you’ll be happy you didn’t miss. The rooms are filled with hidden puzzles and clues for you to crack. Located conveniently right off the I95 and with a HUGE parking lot we make it easy for everyone to be part of the event.

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Enter these immersive experiences that are completely different than anything you have done before! Fun for everyone, no “outside knowledge” or amazing skills required, just the desire to adventure, have fun, and a love for FUDGE!

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Our Current Escape Rooms

Recommended for 2-6 players | Maximum available slots: 6 | Minimum players required: 1 | Time: 60 Minutes
Success Rate: 40%

Magician's Apparition

Magician’s Apparition is packed full of wonderous adventures. The magician has summoned a spirit from a different realm and needs your help to return them within the hour before the spell he casted entraps everyone. Will you become the spirit’s savior or be trapped with them?
Recommended for 4-8 players | Maximum available slots: 8 | Minimum players required: 4 | Time: 90 Minutes
Success Rate: 35%

Miner Problems

You and your group were exploring a cave when suddenly there was a MINER PROBLEM! The cave has fallen in and you have been divided from your group. Luckily, you and your group have falling into an old mining workshop that has been locked up for safety. But it looks like the miners might have started playing tricks on each other down in these depths. You not only have to get with your other half of the group but also escape this cave before you run out of the 90 minutes of oxygen you have left!
Recommended for 4-10 players | Maximum available slots: 10 | Minimum players required: 1 | Time: 60 Minutes
Success Rate: 20%

Trapped in A Horror Movie

Trapped is not for the faint of heart. Dazed and confused, you awake inside a mysterious room where you find yourselves at a disadvantage. 60 minutes is all you have to find your way out and escape from whomever put you in there.

We are open Tuesday - Sunday!

If you are looking for a time slot that is not shown on our website simply fill out this request form or
call (207) 808-5330 and we will contact you soon!